Sankalp Chronology Rajasthan ka Itihas (New Edition)


Written by an expert who has immense knowledge about the history of Rajasthan. “Rajasthan ka Itihas” is written by Sanjay Chaudhary and continues to be as useful as ever for the students. One of the most recommended books on the subject and the ‘best-sellers’ of all time, the book has emerged as an ‘indispensable companion’ for the aspirants of RAS/RTS. It covers all the concepts at the basic level along with the facts in the most updated manner. All the concepts and theories are covered in the book to help the reader develop a ‘fundamental’ and ‘application-based’ understanding of the culture of Rajasthan, along with its subtle linkages to real policy issues and the areas of governance, polity, diplomacy, ethics, technology, etc. in an interdisciplinary manner — making history easy for even those who have ‘no background’ in it.


  1. “Rajasthan ka Itihaas” consists of Important historical events in the history of Rajasthan, Ancient coins of Rajasthan, Prominent historians and litterateur of Rajasthan, Major Unions of Rajasthan, Ancient Civilizations and Antiquities of Rajasthan, Rajput Age and Origin of Rajputs, Gurjara Pratihara Dynasty, Chauhan Dynasty, Kachwaha dynasty of Amer, Guhil dynasty of Mewar, Rathor dynasty Of Marwar, Rathore Dynasty of Bikaner, Jaat dynasty of Bharatpur, Revolution of 1857 in Rajasthan, Unification of Rajasthan, Prajamandal Movement in Rajasthan And many more useful topics with past year questions.
  2. It gives comprehensive coverage of various aspects of the history of Rajasthan along with One-liners to provide a holistic view of the subject.
  3. Useful for the aspirants of R.A.S/ R.T.S, Sub-inspector, L.D.C, Jn. Accountant, Agriculture Supervisor, and for many more competitive exams.
  4. This book also includes a brief description of the previous year’s examination questions.
  5. The actual information given in the book will undoubtedly be useful for the candidates.


Language Hindi
No of Page 240
Author Sanjay Chaudhary & Priyanka Chaudhary
Publisher Chronology Publishing House
Edition April-2022
Brand Name Chronology Rajasthan Samanya Gyan Series
SKU CPH-62004